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Hi ! Call me Shini.
I am Taiwanese.
I love Art.Books.Games.Movies and Music.
This is my illustrations blog.
Hope you enjoy here=)
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Charles can I ….

Happy moon festival !
Today is Chinese moon festival,

Everyone will eat BBQ and moon cake in this day. 
In Chinese legend people believed that were some rabbit live on the moon. 

This was my first time to draw it.
Just wanna to look Loki’s face when Thor is fucking him .

goodnight kiss =3

X-men dragon  AU 
Character Development by ユキノ
Charles is a dragon trainer and Erik is a dragon hunter. 

Today is Chinese Valentine’s Day. :)
Hope everyone will have a nice day !  

Asker tutimuti Asks:
I'm so admired your talent in drawing. So, can I set your artworks as my avatar in Facebook? I will give the credit to all of them. Plzzz!!! <3
shinimiki shinimiki Said:

Hello, thanks for your support!:)
sure,it’s my pleasure!   

X - dog
I think when Erik smiles will be very cute !

I made some key chain. =3