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Hi ! Call me Shini.
I am Taiwanese.
I love Art.Books.Games.Movies and Music.
This is my illustrations blog.
Hope you enjoy here=)
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This was my first time to draw it.
Just wanna to look Loki’s face when Thor is fucking him .

goodnight kiss =3

X-men dragon  AU 
Character Development by ユキノ
Charles is a dragon trainer and Erik is a dragon hunter. 

Today is Chinese Valentine’s Day. :)
Hope everyone will have a nice day !  

Asker tutimuti Asks:
I'm so admired your talent in drawing. So, can I set your artworks as my avatar in Facebook? I will give the credit to all of them. Plzzz!!! <3
shinimiki shinimiki Said:

Hello, thanks for your support!:)
sure,it’s my pleasure!   

X - dog
I think when Erik smiles will be very cute !

I made some key chain. =3

X-man’s doodle

POTATO TIME ! part.2